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What is NanoClean?
2. Why Use NanoClean?
3. Are there other benefits besides the eradication of toxins from fruits and vegetables?
4. Can NanoClean be used for cleansing other foods, or for bathing?
5. How do similar products compare with NanoClean?
6. Why does the water change color when using NanoClean while rinsing Fruits & Vegetables?
7. Why does the water of dried lily flowers turn blue or green after using Nanoclean?
8. Will Nanoclean be able to take away the wax used on apples?
9. How does NanoClean Interact with Chicken & Pork?
10. Why do we need to use Nanoclean when preparing fish?

What is NanoClean?
NanoClean Food Cleansing Solution is an all-natural source of calcium and mineral ions that instantly neutralize harmful impurities such as chlorine (a halogen that damages enzymes) and chemical pollutants in food.
NanoClean uses a patented process to extract calcium and alkaline mineral ions from natural deep sea sources, including: sea salts, pearls, and corals. These serve as a catalyst in eliminating harmful germs and toxins. Often used as a toothpaste substitute, sea salt possesses valuable trace elements that help promote optimum oral hygiene, illustrating a laboratory proven fact that sea salt not only kills harmful bacteria, but is functional in maintaining sanitation.

Why use NanoClean?
Because of the mineral ions in NanoClean, the cleaning solution easily permeates fruits, vegetables, meat, and poultry, flushing out bacteria and harmful particles of toxins found in pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Vegetables and fruits washed with NanoClean will therefore have a more distinctive organic quality and taste, eliminating all concerns of germs and toxins.

Are there other benefits besides the eradication of toxins from fruits and vegetables?
NanoClean contains positively charged alkaline mineral ions which promote freshness in fruits and vegetables, thus making them last longer than usual, as well as enhancing natural flavor.
A simple demonstration: Cut an apple in half. Put one part in the NanoClean water solution and leave the other half in open air. The exposed piece of apple will oxidize and begin to change in color. The other half placed in the Cleansing Salt solution remains fresh and, additionally, its sweetness is enhanced.
Can NanoClean be used for cleansing other foods, or for bathing?
While NanoClean is formulated primarily for the cleansing of fruits and vegetables, it can also be used for washing rice, meat and poultry.
Maxmyer will be launching a new line of body products in the near future. These new products will be designed to keep your skin beautiful and in optimum condition.
How do similar products compare with NanoClean?
There are a variety of fruit and vegetable-cleansing products available today. However, they do not compare with NanoClean. Some cleansing agents are made of chemically derived formulas. Many other cleansers cannot effectively penetrate into the food particles. Therefore, these are at best, useful in removing dirt, residue, and germs from the surface only. Most modern maladies are caused by prolonged exposure to a combination of negative lifestyle and toxic environmental factors, including: pesticides, fertilizers, chemical pollutants in food and water. Everyday toxins undergo little or no testing for extended, low level exposures and for producing chronic health effects. NanoClean is formulated from pure sources of beneficial natural calcium, trace mineral ions, and sea salt. It purifies the surface of food, as well as safely penetrating and effectively flushing out toxins from within.
Maxmyer is dedicated to promoting good health by eradicating the harmful effects of toxic environmental factors with our natural products.
Why does the water change color when using NanoClean while rinsing Fruits & Vegetables?
When using NanoClean, some vegetables such as broccoli, yellow corn, rice, and peanuts will change the color of the water while rinsing the vegetables. The water which changes color shows the damages caused to the vegetables during their growth stages. NanoClean neutralizes and eliminates the produce of these harmful chemicals and impurities. What is left is pure, good produce that is healthy to consume, plus it even tastes better with more mineral content! For instance, when the color changes to light green, this shows that the chlorophyll has been released in the water because it has already been damaged by the pesticides. Only the impurities will be removed, if there are any good nutrients remaining in the vegetable, Nanoclean will only increase the mineral content of the vegetable. See Strawberries Demonstration, Tomatos Demonstration or Raspberries Demonstration
Why does the water of dried lily flowers turn blue or green after using Nanoclean?
The standard procedure for producing dried lily flowers is to roast or air-dry them. There are no harmful chemical substances which occur in this process. However, this process is not appealing to consumers. Thus, many producers use sulfur (or similar chemicals) to roast the lily flower. During this process, a chemical reaction turns the sulfur into sulfur dioxide. The sulfur dioxide sticks to the surface of the lily flower, which makes it more appealing. When consumers purchase and consume these types of lily flowers, they are unknowingly consuming the sulfur dioxide as well, which is poisonous. When you use NanoClean to rinse these types of dried lily flowers, the sulfur dioxide is neutralized and eliminated. The water used to rinse the dried lily flowers will turn dark green, showing that the sulfur dioxide has been released. See Dried Lily Flower Demonstration
Will Nanoclean be able to take away the wax used on apples?
Wax is a type of polishing agent which makes the apple appear brighter. When using Nanoclean to wash apples, you should soak it for a few minutes to allow the wax to be softened and dissolved. Then, you should rub and rinse it thoroughly. You can compare the difference with another apple. When you put droplets of water on the non-washed apple, there will be little droplets of water on the surface of it. However, the apple that was washed with Nanoclean will have water all over the surface.
How does NanoClean Interact with Chicken & Pork?
The organic way of raising chickens takes approximately 4 to 5 months and around 1 year for pigs. However, in today’s fast paced society, the conventional way of raising chickens and pigs uses many chemical growth hormones and antibiotics. This shortens the time required to raise these animals. When these animals are ready for the market, there is not sufficient time for the chemicals in their bodies to be dissolved or eliminated. Nanoclean is able to penetrate into the meat and neutralize and dissolve the harmful chemicals. The water used to rinse the meat will have greasy layers and an odor which demonstrates that the harmful substances have been neutralized and released. See Chicken Demonstration or Baby Back Rib Demonstration
Why do we need to use Nanoclean when preparing fish?
After 3 to 4 hours of being caught, the meat on the fish will start drying out. The fish will start to rot and have an odor after 8 to 10 hours. This is due to oxidation, and also because germs and bacteria start growing in the fish. When using Nanoclean to prepare the fish, the water is in an alkaline state. The germs and bacteria will not be able to survive in this water condition. Thus, the fish will be fresher, the odor will go away, and the meat will be more tender. See Oysters Demonstration
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